Simply Fresh Insights is an online community where people from all over the United States meet others to exchange ideas, stories, recipes, photos, and opinions. Simply Fresh Insights is sponsored by C+R Research, a marketing research company, and it’s focused on your experiences with the products you and your family buy, use, and enjoy. We think you’ll enjoy meeting other members, and that you’ll find it interesting to influence the development of new products, and help improve existing products.

C+R’s clients, well known brands whose products you know and may use regularly, will also be participating in the activities of the community. We’ll be running research projects for them (discussions, polls, surveys, diaries, photo and video posts, etc.). Participating in those projects will give you the chance to collect reward points, which you can redeem for cash.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you, and hearing what you think. Get to know your fellow members, and be on the lookout for special projects!

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